Monday, June 12, 2017

TESOL MTh Summer Event - Teachers' Well-being & Self-Discovery

 Our Summer Event  will be held on Saturday 17th June at 11:00 at City College on Leondos Sofou. The topic of our event is:

                                            "Teachers' Well-being and Self-discovery''

 We have the pleasure of hosting two great professionals who will show us  practical ways of fighting stress. 

Our first session (11:00-12:15) will be run Ms Madalena Kounini, Yoga Teacher at the Armonia Yoga and Meditation Centre. The topic of our yoga session will be:"How we can fight stress"

Practical Details:

Ms.Kounini has informed us  that all of our members can participate, irrespective of their age or  physical condition. Prior knowledge of Yoga is NOT necessary. The only thing you need is the desire to have a relaxing experience. It is very important to bring your own Yoga Mattress. We have been informed that Jumbo and big Supermarkets offer them at low prices. If you don't want to invest, a towel will do but may feel less comfortable. This is a totally informal and stress-free event, so feel free to join us with your tracksuits. That is what the board will do.  
During the break (12:15-12:45) we will share some green tea and juice (coffee as well) and some treats. 

Our second session (12:45-13:30) will be run by Ms. Natassa Manitsa. The topic of her session is: ''Bad or just sad? Beat that Imposter Syndrome in your classroom''  

Session Summary:
Teachers seem to be stressed about everything and they take everything personallly. What are these agonizing self-doubts?  Why do these dark thoughts appear in the middle of the night? Does my dentist worry that much? Or are there neurosurgeons, lawyers, even actors and actresses out there agonizing that they might be guilty of... fail charges? Well, just a little bit of failure could be the new success...So why are we doing this thing to ourselves? In this presentation we will have a look at what’s causing this “bad teacher self-doubt” epidemic and what we might do to help.

We know Natassa as the ''international face'' of Express Publishing where she's been working since 2007, but this time Natassa will come to us as a psychologist.  Natassa Manitsa holds a BA in Educational Psychology from the University of Athens and she is an MSc student in School Psychology in the Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.  She has worked as a teacher, a teacher coordinator, a teacher trainer, a translator, an author, a blogger and a radio producer.   

Social Programme:
After the event, if you feel like a relexing ''ouzaki'' join the TESOL MTH Board and our speakers at AKRON (12 Katouni str, Ladadika). The menu inclusive with drinks will come at 15euro per person. If yoga and self-discovery don't do it, then ouzo will certainly do the trick and send us to this relaxing summer mode. Please let us know if you are planning to come to the taverna so that we can inform the restaurant.