Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Join us at the PALSO and IP in August 2022 in Thessaloiniki!


We are back with events, discounts and presents! 

It is amazing that we can meet up at Exhibitions 
after such a long time! 

TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece would like to thank the board of Palso Norhtern Greece who are hosting TESOL MTH/NG entirely free of charge in the 33rd Two-Day Conference organised by Palso Northern Greece on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August 2022 at Porto Palace Hotel. 


During the two days of the conference, you can come by our stand and meet us personally and find out how you can join our TA and what it means to be a member of TESOL MTH/NG, the benefits and the opportunities you get. You can also benefit from the special exhibition rate and find out about our Events which have been planned until June 2023! 

Find out more information about the 4th International Conference on Language Education and Research on the topic: Empowering Educators: Benefits, Best Practices and Acceleration of Language and Literacy, which is organised in the city of Thessaloniki (AUTH Research Dissemination Centre)  by the Applied Language Studies House and Dr Paschalis Chliaras. We would like to thank Dr Chliaras for offerinTESOL MTH / NG Members the opportunity to attend this conference at 55 euro (original price 70). TESOL MTH/NG will also be represented at this conference and those who want to register will be able to do so there as well.   

Also, get some information about our Two-Day Conference in Larissa in October (22 and 23/10/2022) in conjunction with TESOL Greece and ETAL. A face-to-face conference which TESOL MTH / NG members can attend free of charge. 

Do not miss our TESOL MTH/NG Presentation on Friday 26th August at 15:30 at Porto Palace Hotel 

 TESOL MTH/NG Vice-Chair Dr Vicky Papachristou and TESOL MTH/NG Member Ms Tanya   Livarda will present a short session on the benefits of joining our community of teachers 

You don't have time to come to PALSO on Thursday or Friday? 

Join us at IP on Sunday 28th August 2022!

The TESOL MTH / NG Board would like to thank Mr. Philip Dietschi for hosting TESOL MTH/NG and offering us a 50 minute session

to register for the IP Exhibition, visit https://www.ip-exhibitions.eu/events/autumn-22-thessaloniki-ip-exhibition/ 

This year IP takes place at CAPSIS Hotel where we will have a stand full of surprises as well as great events and information about our activity. We will also have a fully professional session led by Ms Maria Polychrou and Ms Maria-Araxi Sachpazian entitled Motivating learners through skills’ work: Deskilling and Reskilling!

In this session we will talk about the active teaching of skills. The teaching of skills is the backbone of balanced communicative teaching. It adds meaningfulness to language learning and makes language teaching realistic. Sadly, learners face challenges when trying to cope with the production of language and the decoding of written or audio texts. They are also demotivated by repeated negative results from tests on skills. How can teachers cater for individual needs and how can the weaknesses of individual students be spotted? This session aims to discuss how inclusive practices can be employed to reskill students. The two speakers will focus on different aspects of the topic: Ms Polychrou will focus on how Educational Drama can be used in the development of skills, while Ms Sachpazian will discuss the honing of receptive skills.


Maria Polychrou is a Member of the Executive Board of TESOL MTH, Northern Greece and the owner of English Drama Microschool. She is also a Teacher Trainer and Oral Examiner


Ms Maria-Araxi Sachpazian is the Chair TESOL MTH, Northern Greece and a Lecturer CITY College, the University of York Europe Campus, She is the owner of Input on Education and a member on the Membership Committee of IATEFL.  

If these are not enough, at both stands we are going to organise lucky draws! What about? Well, why spoil the surprise! Come and say hi and find out! In our tough times we know that many of you think mainly of the problems of joining an Association and not of the benefits! Come and say hello and you will see that at a minimal cost, you can take care of your CPD and your professional Learning Networks. 


See you all at the Exhibitions! A Happy School Year to all!