Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - How many days until Christmas Day? With Angeliki Voreopoulou

The anticipation of Christmas can be exploited and enhanced by creating with ourstudents a Christmas Advent Calendar.  This Calendar will not reveal chocolate treatsand candies but activities that will enhace Christmas spirit along with opportunities topractice English language.

Exploit Christmas anticipation by creating an Advent Calendar that will enhance Xmasspirit along with  English language!

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Rain deer headband with Vasiliki Papadopoulou Maria Spiliotopoulou

How we can make a rain deer Christmas craft.
 It will be a headband out of cardboard.

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Cooking in the Classroom with Despina Karamitsou

How recipes can be used to teach Christmas vocabulary and vice versa.
Let's make a tasty snowman, next to a mouthwatering Christmas tree and devourdelicious gifts all wrapped with love.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Xmas Crafts in my classroom with Evgenia Chonta

Find out the benefits of craft plus a couple of ideas to use in class.

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Santa Claus "Ho Ho Ho" quiz with Lana Lemeshko

First I'd like to mention that the idea is not mine, I've taken it from one of the members ofESL Printables, I've adjusted it to the level and needs of my students (Pro[ciency level,getting ready for taking ECPE test). Students are divided into two teams and each teamis given 10 cards with prompts - word description. All the deciphered words have "ho" inthem. Like this we revise some of the vocabulary that students have been taught(HOspitable, HOstile, HOof, HOarse, HOver, HOmicide, HOrn, sHOwy, HOmesick,sHortcoming). Both teams look at the cards and have to come up with the correct word.Whichever team got all the words correct frst wins.

Ho Ho Ho - Santa Claus is here to help us revise vocabulary.

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Carols Hunt with Ourania Repanou

The students solve riddles or answer questions related to Christmas and every time theyanswer correctly they collect part of the lyrics of a popular Christmas song which iswritten on a piece of paper. The questions and lyrics are placed in numbered envelopeswhich are scattered around the class/school. The correct answer leads to the nextenvelope, where the lyrics and another riddle is found. If students give a wrong answerthey will be led to an empty envelope, so they will have to reconsider their choice. Thegame continues until students have collected all the pieces of paper. They then have toput them in the correct order and sing the song.

An exciting game which reinforces reading, speaking, team work and fun!

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - If I lived in a Snowglobe with Marianthi Tachatou

A fun Christmas activity combining grammar and creative writing with an interesting Christmas craft!

 The aims of the activity are:  
  • To practise the 2nd conditional.
  • To practise the verbs of senses.
  • To engage in creative writing. 
  • To have fun creating an impressive Christmas craft.     

The materials that we need are:
  • Black paper (canson type) or whatever colour you like.
  • Plastic bowls.
  • The writing template (on the internet). 
  • A small photo of each student. 
  • Coloured pencils or crayons. 
  • Artificial snow. 


We put the bowl and the template together and we cut the canson paper accordingly or let the students do it! We hand out  the  template and students stick it to the bottom. We read  the sentences and elicit answers. We can write some suggestions on the board for weaker students. We read the sentences and elicit answers. We can write some suggestions on the board for weaker students. Then, students write their  answers,  stick  their  photo  in  the  middle  of  the  snowglobe  and  draw  a  Christmas  scenery. Alternatively  they  can  draw  themselves  on  a  piece  of  paper.  Finally,  we put  some  snow  in  the  middle and glue the plastic bowl. Our snowglobes are ready!  We can display them in the form of a Christmas tree on the school notice board.

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Flipbooks with Panagiota Gkiaouri

This is a presentation on how to make a Christmas Flipbook and some activities on how to use it with your students.

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Fun is On with Aphro Gkiouris

Every last week before our Christmas school break, we  ALWAYS leave the course books aside and start enjoying Christmas! Actually, it all starts much earlier about a month before Christmas, I put up our Advent calendars, full of surprises inside! This is when all the fun starts! We continue with our 4th graders short Christmas plays rehearsals and our artistic Christmas cards (to be offered to our Christmas show guests) and we conclude with the Christmas games and activities week!! I'm sharing a game- or maybe two - that have really worked with my students, this year!

Christmas Charades: A traditional game with a Christmas twist...
  • Put the class into two teams. 
  • Give each team a set of cards. 
  • Explain the rules: One person from each team starts. He/she will select a card. on each card is written the name of a song, book or film (with a Christmas link). He/she must then mime what is said on the card to the rest of his/her group. No speaking is allowed. 
  • First, we should mime the category, ie song-open hands around mouth, book- open hands in a book reading pose and projector-like pose for a film. 
  • Star wars! 
  • Also, explain symbols for "little words" eg T shape for "the", thumb and forehead together for "little word" etc. 
  • When the team guesses the first one, the second person can take a card and so on. 
  • The winners are the first team to mime and guess all their cards correctly.

    New Year acrostic poem 
  • Each student should refer to something they would like to achieve/change/have or not have for this year. eg This year I'd like to have 
  • 2 large pieces of chocolate cake every day 
  • 0 worries and problems 
  • 1 big brown bookcase 
  • 7 months of vacation 
  • See you there!What time is best? 

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A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Magic through e-Twinning with Katerina Kyriakidou

Feel the magic of the Christmas spirit through e-Twinning! A wonderful idea that will surely  motivate  your  students  to  use  their  English,  do  research  without  nagging, explore  their  artistic  talents  and  create  friendships with  total  strangers...that  may  last forever!   Students  learn  through  collaboration  about  the  customs  and  traditions  that different European countries  have and engage  in  wonderful Christmas activities such as  preparing  homemade  cards  &  e-cards  with  Christmas  wishes,  singing  beautiful traditional  Christmas  carols  and  taking  photos  of  Christmas  decorations,  special events and happenings in their hometown so that all countries involved in the project have a glimpse of how Europe celebrates this festive season of the year!

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