Monday, December 19, 2016

A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Fun is On with Aphro Gkiouris

Every last week before our Christmas school break, we  ALWAYS leave the course books aside and start enjoying Christmas! Actually, it all starts much earlier about a month before Christmas, I put up our Advent calendars, full of surprises inside! This is when all the fun starts! We continue with our 4th graders short Christmas plays rehearsals and our artistic Christmas cards (to be offered to our Christmas show guests) and we conclude with the Christmas games and activities week!! I'm sharing a game- or maybe two - that have really worked with my students, this year!

Christmas Charades: A traditional game with a Christmas twist...
  • Put the class into two teams. 
  • Give each team a set of cards. 
  • Explain the rules: One person from each team starts. He/she will select a card. on each card is written the name of a song, book or film (with a Christmas link). He/she must then mime what is said on the card to the rest of his/her group. No speaking is allowed. 
  • First, we should mime the category, ie song-open hands around mouth, book- open hands in a book reading pose and projector-like pose for a film. 
  • Star wars! 
  • Also, explain symbols for "little words" eg T shape for "the", thumb and forehead together for "little word" etc. 
  • When the team guesses the first one, the second person can take a card and so on. 
  • The winners are the first team to mime and guess all their cards correctly.

    New Year acrostic poem 
  • Each student should refer to something they would like to achieve/change/have or not have for this year. eg This year I'd like to have 
  • 2 large pieces of chocolate cake every day 
  • 0 worries and problems 
  • 1 big brown bookcase 
  • 7 months of vacation 
  • See you there!What time is best? 

   Presentation slides: 

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