Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer Event 2018: A day-trip to Taxiarchis with Agnes Mariakaki

Date: Sunday, 17th June 
Place: Taxiarchis, Chalkidiki at Apolymeni Petra Resort 
Time: 9:30 (Bus leaves from White Tower) 

On Sunday 17th June, we will leave our cars home and get on a bus to go to the lovely resort, Apolimeni Petra in Taxiarchis, a verdant area in the mountain of Cholomontas ( 

After an enchanting bus ride, we reach our venue where we will be treated to coffee and cookies (sponsored by TESOL MTh). There will be two sessions on the day. 

First, Chair Maria-Araxi Sachpazian will give information on how TESOL MTh members can apply for IATEFL Scholarships and how they can use the Basic Membership option to their greatest advantage. This is going to be a very short and practical presentation. 

Our main guest speaker is psychologist Agnes Mariakaki, a person we all know and who has also been a plenary speaker in one of our past conferences. Agnes will present a light-hearted, practical session entitled “Learning through Comedic Play!”. This session will require the members’ active participation. 

Session Summary 
This session aims to examine how teachers can use “active humour” and comedic improvisation to enhance language practice, imagination, confidence, risk taking and also activate positive learning states. This practical workshop will give you a renewed sense of your own sense of humour and will help you see how you can use it with boldness and efficiency in the classroom, to win over kids minds (and hearts) for learning!

After the session, we will have a delicious lunch at Apolymeni Petra. The menu is the following: 


Appetisers (for every 4 people) 
Vegetable crepe 
Mushrooms Sauté 
Grilled goat cheese 
Choice of Salads 

Main Course (each member can choose one from the following) 
Pork Steak 
Smoked pork Steak 
Grilled Chicken 
Veal in tomato sauce 

Unlimited house Wine, beer & Soft drinks 
Chocolate gateux 

After lunch members can have coffee, hike in the forest around the resort or have a swim in the (rather cold) swimming pool. For those interested in Yoga, board member Theodora Papanagiotou will offer a session in the open air, so make sure you have your yoga mats or a towel. The bus will depart after 17:00 but this will largely depend on our mood and pleasure. 

Cost (For lunch and bus fare): 22 euro per person 

For people who are not TESOL MTh Members, but want to join on the day the special 30 euro offer we usually have during Exhibitions in August will also apply. 
The day attendance option of 25 euro is also a valid option. 

Steps to register for the event and how to pay 

TESOL MTh members need to pay prior to the event. In case there are not enough members taking part, the event WILL NOT take place, therefore your support and presence are both very important. 

A. Use the google form link to complete your data. 
* Link: 
B. Use the payment information and deposit the money. 
* Don’t forget to write the names of all the people you are paying for. 
* Use ‘’TESOL MTH TRIP’’ as payment justification 
C. Take a photo or scan the deposit slip and email it to 
D. On the day of the trip, make sure you have your payment information with you. 


Agnes Mariakaki Bio 

  • M.A. in Organizational Psychology, University of Lancaster
  • Graduate of the Paul Ekman Emotional Academy, London
  • Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, Rasmussen Consulting, Denmark
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming certified trainer with the R. Bandler International Society of NLP
  • In charge of MindSearch Consumer Insights company since 1995
  • Member of the Board of Women in Business,  Greece, 2018
  • Μember of the  ESOMAR, 2018
  • Google Awardee, 2016