Thursday, May 5, 2022

Spring and Summer Event 2022: Celebrating our Comeback


Spring & Summer 2022 Webinar

Surviving A minute before the exams

Under the auspices of the Virtual International Publishers’ Exhibition


Sessions start 15:00

15:00 Opening to the TESOL MTH Strand of Events by M.A.Sachpazian


 Ms Pola Papadopoulou, Programme Manager and English Language Teacher.    

Session Title: A ‘minute’ of meaningful impact: the road to exams


How can one define ‘a minute’ before the exams? How much time do we need to prepare students and have a meaningful impact on their learning and path to exams? This presentation/discussion will try to delve deeper into the time framework on the road to exams.
16:00-16:10 Break


Mr Apostolis Koumarinos, Founder of The Speakers, Public Speaking Champion

                           Session Title: Boost your students’ communication skills


In every environment, impactful communication plays a significant role. During our webinar a different way of approaching communication will be introduced. How we can boost others so they can vividly express themselves and be heard in both personal and professional level.

17:00-17:10 Break

 17:10-18:00 Let us RESTART ourselves

Presented by TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece Executive Members 

Ms. Antigoni Melidonioti, EFL Teacher/Oral Examiner, Teacher Trainer and School Owner   

Session Title: The Hungry Caterpillar goes digital.


Is it possible for Baby Boomers and Generation X to keep up with the Millenians or is it a cause? Are educational apps and webtools an invaluable asset of nuisance to revolutionize and transform learning? A passing fad or reality? Can the hungry caterpillar go digital and transform learning apart from ourselves? To what extent?

 Maria Polychrou, EFL Teacher / Oral Examiner / Adult Educator and Teacher Trainer

Session Title: Reinventing ourselves through Educational Drama


Is it important to reinvent ourselves as educators to reinvent our classes? Which path of exploration should we follow with our students so as to go beyond standard approaches? How can we lead our classes from the personal to the critical? Educational Drama is the key to critical reflection, reinvention and social change. Reinvent Yourselves and Become Spect-Actors!


Ms. Tanya Livarda, EFL Teacher & Teacher Trainer / Oral Examiner    

Session Title: Hey Teacher, where is your magic wand?


Summary: Are we magic weavers? Do we do magic every day? Do we have invisible magical powers? What are our magic spell and magic word? In other words, how can we cope with being teachers, facilitators, mentors, leaders and coaches at the same time? And how are all these connected to our darkest friend: the burnout? Don’t forget to bring your magic wand and your magic spell with you!

                                                 We hope to see you all there!

The TESOL MTH / NG Executive Board