Saturday, December 17, 2022

Asynchronous Christmas Event TESOL MTH/NG 2022


Asynchronous Xmas Event. 


 This year TESOL MTH/NG breaks ground with an Asynchronous Xmas Event. The links have been sent to  members and they feature activities presented by four of the members of the Executive Board of our Teachers' Association. 

The sessions presented are entitled as follows 

''Christmas National and International'' Presented by Maria-Araxi Sachpazian 

''The upside-down Advent Calendar''   Presented by Antigoni Melidonioti

                         ''It's the Xmas Countdown'' Presented by Tanya Livarda

                         ''Hotseating Santa Claus and Santa Escape Room'' 

                                              Presented by Maria Polychrou 

We hope you find these activities useful and applicable for your last week of teaching. Warm wishes to you and yours for a restful festive season and an amazing 2023. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

10X10 EFL Talks: 10 Speakers, 10 Slides on Fostering Autonomy

                                 10X10 EFL TALKS  on Sunday 27th November 2022

                                                           At 16:00 (Local time)

Tesol Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece and Rob Howard are happy to present the 10 speakers participating in 10X10 EFL TALKS TESOL MTH/NG 2022. 

Our topic this year is Fostering Autonomy. Our speakers will be covering a white range of topics and will be seeing autonomy from many different angles. We are happy to announce that this event is also going to be open to members of TESOL Greece, who is represented by Ms. Eleni Cartalia and Mr Jake Delatolas-Saveris and ETAL (the English Teacher Association of Larissa) who are represented by Dr. Ifigeneia Kofou. 

The presenters and the titles of their talks are as follows: 

Dr. Vicky Papachristou 
Promoting autonomy, academic achievement and social responsibility in university students’ teaching practice 

Dr. Ifigeneia Kofou, Representing ETAL
Fostering learner autonomy through alternative assessment forms

Mr. Dimitris Primalis 
Spoonfeeding or autonomy building? 

Ms. Maria Polychrou 
Fostering Learner Autonomy through Educational Drama

Ms. Kiki Xynta 
How to create autonomous learners WAKELET, FLIPGRID AND BUNCEE

Ms. Gülbin Özdemir Altıgöz
1-2-3, Encourage Me to See!

 Mr. Jake Delatolas-Saveris,  Representing TESOL Greece 
Learning Technologies and Learner Autonomy

Ms.Eleni Cartalia, Representing TESOL Greece 
Autonomy begins with Socio - emotional skills!

Ms. Antigoni Melidonioti 
Fostering Autonomy through Edpuzzle

Ms. Vasiliki Lismani 
Developing reading autonomy for dyslexic students.

The final order of speakers will be announced by Rob Howard on the day. 
The link will be emailed a day earlier to our members. 
 We are starting at 16:00 Greek time on Sunday 27th November 2022 

See you all online! 



Sunday, November 13, 2022

10X10 EFL TALKS TESOL MACEDONIA-THRACE., NG on Sunday 27/11/2022 on Zoom


TESOL MTH/NG to hold 10X10 EFL TALKS on Sunday 27th November 2022 at 16:00 (Greek time)

Thanks to our trusted friend Rob Howard, 10X10 EFL TALKS has become a yearly tradition of TESOL MTH/ NG. But what is 10X10 EFL TALKS? 


10 speakers will present sessions of 10 slides in 10 minutes. This means that in 120 minutes we will get to hear presentations by a group of 10 experienced presenters. The topic for this year is ''Fostering autonomy'' and soon we will be able to share the speakers' names and titles. 

The session will be held on ZOOM and it will be open to member of TESOL Greece and ETAL as well. 

To see the format of this presentation, we are sharing a presentation by Dr. Anne-Margaret Smith on Dyslexia done in a past 10X10 EFL Talks. More information can be found on

We are looking forward to seeing you all! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2022



Larissa Two-Day Conference

Saturday 22nd  October 2022 

12:00 - 13:15


13:15 - 14:00


Conference Opening 

Opening Plenary KARASIMOS 

Room 1

Room 2

14:15 -15:00

Session 1 Marina Kollatou

Session 1 Malidou


Session 2 Sachpazian

Session 2 Gkiouris





Session 3 Varna

Session 3 Kouniakis


Session 4 Cartalia

Session 4 Sotiropoulos




Taverna Evening & Social Event 


Sunday 23rd October 2022 




Plenary 1 Sifakis 

Room 1

Room 2


Session 1 Lalos

Session 1 Livarda


Session 2 Mantadaki

Session 2 Voreopoulou





Session 3 Kokolas

Session 3 Zafi


Session 4 Primalis

Session 4 Papapanagiotou



Tyna Constantopoulou 

 This is a pending programme so changes might occur.

Transportation can be done either by car or train. There are regular trains to Larissa and the prices for a return ticket are value-for-money. 


For our accommodation, the following hotels have been contacted. You need to call and inform them that you are making a booking for the TESOL /ETAL conference so that you can get the prices agreed. Both hotels are close to the venue, so no car use is needed in the city of Larisa. 


Single with breakfast 51,5€
Single without breakfast 46,5€
Double with breakfast 71,5€
Double without breakfast 61,5€ χωρίς πρωινό.

This hotel offers free parking and Wi-Fi.


Single room with breakfast 70 €

Single room without breakfast 65 € 

Double room with 82 €

Double room without breakfast 72 €

In these prices tax must be added (3 euro/ per day of stay).

There is a parking area, but it comes at a cost: 7 euro/day


Please remember to contact the hotel directly, preferably via the phone to explain your connection to our conference. Do not make your reservation via other booking sites. 

Friday, September 30, 2022

Professor Sifakis interviewed by Dr. Vicky Papachristou, TESOL MTH/NG Vice-Chair.


Professor Nicos Sifakis has honoured us once again by accepting our invitation to be our plenary speaker in the Two-Day Conference ''Sustainability and Innovation''  organised by TESOL Greece, ETAL (The Larissa Teachers' Association) and TESOL MTH/NG. Dr Sifakis is a long-time friend and supporter of our TA who needs no introduction as he has educated generations of EFL teachers through his lectures and his research papers. He is Professor of English for specific purposes at University of Athens. Dr. Sifakis gave us some of his precious time to be interviewed by TESOL MHT/NG Vice Chair Dr. Vicky Papachristou.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Welcome Back Day Conference 2022: Neurolearning in ELT with Effie Kyrikakis and Dr. Dimitris Maroulis

Welcome Back Day Conference 2022: 

Neurolearning in ELT

 with Effie Kyrikakis and Dr. Dimitris Maroulis 

Our Welcome Back Day Conference is going to take place on Sunday 25th September 2022 at 10:30 on Zoom. The link will be sent to active members of TESOL MTH on Friday 23rd September 2022. 
Our event is entitled Neurolearning in ELT. We are very happy to be welcoming  our two well-known and distinguished speakers: Ms Effie Kyrikakis and Dr Dimitris Maroulis. 

Effie Kyrikakis1.jpeg Ms Effie Kyrikakis is the creator of NeuroLearningPower® the only evidence-based, structured mentoring method for women educators, supported by Effie's research on resilience and well-being for her MSc in Applied Psychology.
A global educator, certified coach, international NLP trainer, and mentor of women educators for over 35 years, she is a trainer in the Coaching/Mentoring sector of the University of the Aegean Lifelong Learning Programs. Effie loves sharing her passion for personal and educational leadership and has certified hundreds of teachers through her NeuroLearningPower® method training in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide. Her vision is the transformation of education paradigms from success at all costs to happiness at all levels.

In her session entitled Brains singing together - neuroscience lessons for captivating your students Ms Kyrikakis is going to discuss how having engaged, motivated, gritty students is a teacher’s dream. How can you become the educator that captivates your student’s attention and promotes their flourishing in learning and life -along with your own? Neuroscience points the way. In this one-hour webinar we will embark on a journey of experiential discovery of brain synchrony and the reason it is so vital for education. We will also share tested, effective NeuroLearningPower® tools for optimal engagement and learning.

Maroulis-1024x765.jpg Dr Dimitris Maroulis holds a Doctorate in Education, and his thesis was entitled "Language Learning Strategies in EFL". He holds a Masters of Arts in Education and his thesis was entitled "Language learning Assessment Instrument: the case of "Excellent". He also holds a Masters of Science in Applied Neuroscience from King's College London and his thesis was entitled: "Mindfulness & Meditation therapies in EFL". He is a Unicert College Module leader, a Staffordshire University lecturer, a teacher of English and a lifelong learner.

The title of Dr. Maroulis session is Alice in...Neuroland= Established ELT pedagogical practices and how neuroscience findings dispel these myths.
Dr Maroulis is planning to discuss the following: Much of what happens in an ELT classroom, pedagogically speaking, looks like teachers' meme. These unquestioned, hold-back practices are simply myths which hinder learning and cause the "jukebox effect". This presentation explains how neuroscience findings can dispel these myths and through a "transition pedagogy" may lead to a more effective and brain-friendly pedagogy.

We will be very happy to see a large audience greet these two renowned speakers. 


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Winners of the two sets of Lucky Draw at the PALSO 33rd Conference and Exhibition and at IP (AUGUST 2022)


Congratulations, winners! 
The members of the TESOL MTH Board at the stand at both Exhibitions. 

The exhibitions in Thessaloniki were both highly successful events for our association. We have had the chance to present our work, showcase our new events (planned in detail until June 2023) and were happy to see that our members old and new were eager to renew their membership or join our association, which is now turning fully digital to ensure that you can all join in our events no matter where you live. 

During the Palso two-day Conference and Exhibition at Porto Palace Hotel, we had the chance to put in Lucky Draw e-books donated by Rob Howard. The e-book was entitled ''10x10 EFL Talks: the companion volume''. 
The winners were: 
1 Ms Xenia Maglousidou 
2 Ms Kiki Xynta 
3 Ms Eftychia Massoura 
4 Ms Olympia Andreadou
5 Ms Natasa Sarafidou  
Congratulations to all and many thanks to Rob Howard who never gets tired of supporting us. Many thanks to the Board of PALSO Northern Greece for their warm hospitality. 

At the IP Exhibition we gave away TWO free memberships open to our new members. 
The winners were 

1  Ms Christine Sariyanni 

2 Ms Theodosia Karathanasiou 

We wish them both best of luck in our association and hope TESOL MTH becomes their CPD Family! Our thanks go to all of you who stopped at our stand, shared your thoughts, and got information. Many thanks to Philip Dietschi for his warm hospitality and support. 

More gifts and lucky draws will follow in almost all our events! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Join us at the PALSO and IP in August 2022 in Thessaloiniki!


We are back with events, discounts and presents! 

It is amazing that we can meet up at Exhibitions 
after such a long time! 

TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece would like to thank the board of Palso Norhtern Greece who are hosting TESOL MTH/NG entirely free of charge in the 33rd Two-Day Conference organised by Palso Northern Greece on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August 2022 at Porto Palace Hotel. 


During the two days of the conference, you can come by our stand and meet us personally and find out how you can join our TA and what it means to be a member of TESOL MTH/NG, the benefits and the opportunities you get. You can also benefit from the special exhibition rate and find out about our Events which have been planned until June 2023! 

Find out more information about the 4th International Conference on Language Education and Research on the topic: Empowering Educators: Benefits, Best Practices and Acceleration of Language and Literacy, which is organised in the city of Thessaloniki (AUTH Research Dissemination Centre)  by the Applied Language Studies House and Dr Paschalis Chliaras. We would like to thank Dr Chliaras for offerinTESOL MTH / NG Members the opportunity to attend this conference at 55 euro (original price 70). TESOL MTH/NG will also be represented at this conference and those who want to register will be able to do so there as well.   

Also, get some information about our Two-Day Conference in Larissa in October (22 and 23/10/2022) in conjunction with TESOL Greece and ETAL. A face-to-face conference which TESOL MTH / NG members can attend free of charge. 

Do not miss our TESOL MTH/NG Presentation on Friday 26th August at 15:30 at Porto Palace Hotel 

 TESOL MTH/NG Vice-Chair Dr Vicky Papachristou and TESOL MTH/NG Member Ms Tanya   Livarda will present a short session on the benefits of joining our community of teachers 

You don't have time to come to PALSO on Thursday or Friday? 

Join us at IP on Sunday 28th August 2022!

The TESOL MTH / NG Board would like to thank Mr. Philip Dietschi for hosting TESOL MTH/NG and offering us a 50 minute session

to register for the IP Exhibition, visit 

This year IP takes place at CAPSIS Hotel where we will have a stand full of surprises as well as great events and information about our activity. We will also have a fully professional session led by Ms Maria Polychrou and Ms Maria-Araxi Sachpazian entitled Motivating learners through skills’ work: Deskilling and Reskilling!

In this session we will talk about the active teaching of skills. The teaching of skills is the backbone of balanced communicative teaching. It adds meaningfulness to language learning and makes language teaching realistic. Sadly, learners face challenges when trying to cope with the production of language and the decoding of written or audio texts. They are also demotivated by repeated negative results from tests on skills. How can teachers cater for individual needs and how can the weaknesses of individual students be spotted? This session aims to discuss how inclusive practices can be employed to reskill students. The two speakers will focus on different aspects of the topic: Ms Polychrou will focus on how Educational Drama can be used in the development of skills, while Ms Sachpazian will discuss the honing of receptive skills.


Maria Polychrou is a Member of the Executive Board of TESOL MTH, Northern Greece and the owner of English Drama Microschool. She is also a Teacher Trainer and Oral Examiner


Ms Maria-Araxi Sachpazian is the Chair TESOL MTH, Northern Greece and a Lecturer CITY College, the University of York Europe Campus, She is the owner of Input on Education and a member on the Membership Committee of IATEFL.  

If these are not enough, at both stands we are going to organise lucky draws! What about? Well, why spoil the surprise! Come and say hi and find out! In our tough times we know that many of you think mainly of the problems of joining an Association and not of the benefits! Come and say hello and you will see that at a minimal cost, you can take care of your CPD and your professional Learning Networks. 


See you all at the Exhibitions! A Happy School Year to all!