Monday, September 19, 2022

Welcome Back Day Conference 2022: Neurolearning in ELT with Effie Kyrikakis and Dr. Dimitris Maroulis

Welcome Back Day Conference 2022: 

Neurolearning in ELT

 with Effie Kyrikakis and Dr. Dimitris Maroulis 

Our Welcome Back Day Conference is going to take place on Sunday 25th September 2022 at 10:30 on Zoom. The link will be sent to active members of TESOL MTH on Friday 23rd September 2022. 
Our event is entitled Neurolearning in ELT. We are very happy to be welcoming  our two well-known and distinguished speakers: Ms Effie Kyrikakis and Dr Dimitris Maroulis. 

Effie Kyrikakis1.jpeg Ms Effie Kyrikakis is the creator of NeuroLearningPower® the only evidence-based, structured mentoring method for women educators, supported by Effie's research on resilience and well-being for her MSc in Applied Psychology.
A global educator, certified coach, international NLP trainer, and mentor of women educators for over 35 years, she is a trainer in the Coaching/Mentoring sector of the University of the Aegean Lifelong Learning Programs. Effie loves sharing her passion for personal and educational leadership and has certified hundreds of teachers through her NeuroLearningPower® method training in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide. Her vision is the transformation of education paradigms from success at all costs to happiness at all levels.

In her session entitled Brains singing together - neuroscience lessons for captivating your students Ms Kyrikakis is going to discuss how having engaged, motivated, gritty students is a teacher’s dream. How can you become the educator that captivates your student’s attention and promotes their flourishing in learning and life -along with your own? Neuroscience points the way. In this one-hour webinar we will embark on a journey of experiential discovery of brain synchrony and the reason it is so vital for education. We will also share tested, effective NeuroLearningPower® tools for optimal engagement and learning.

Maroulis-1024x765.jpg Dr Dimitris Maroulis holds a Doctorate in Education, and his thesis was entitled "Language Learning Strategies in EFL". He holds a Masters of Arts in Education and his thesis was entitled "Language learning Assessment Instrument: the case of "Excellent". He also holds a Masters of Science in Applied Neuroscience from King's College London and his thesis was entitled: "Mindfulness & Meditation therapies in EFL". He is a Unicert College Module leader, a Staffordshire University lecturer, a teacher of English and a lifelong learner.

The title of Dr. Maroulis session is Alice in...Neuroland= Established ELT pedagogical practices and how neuroscience findings dispel these myths.
Dr Maroulis is planning to discuss the following: Much of what happens in an ELT classroom, pedagogically speaking, looks like teachers' meme. These unquestioned, hold-back practices are simply myths which hinder learning and cause the "jukebox effect". This presentation explains how neuroscience findings can dispel these myths and through a "transition pedagogy" may lead to a more effective and brain-friendly pedagogy.

We will be very happy to see a large audience greet these two renowned speakers. 


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