Saturday, June 25, 2022

Event in Larisa in Conjunction with TESOL Greece and ETAL! Join TESOL MTH in an out-of-town event!

''Innovation & Sustainability'' An event not to be missed! 

Larisa, October 22nd and 23rd  
4th Primary School of the City of Larisa 

On October 22nd and 23rd TESOL MTH leaves Thessaloniki to spread its wings (or at least its legs) to the lovely city of Larisa where, in conjunction with ETAL (The Larisa Teachers' Association) and TESOL Greece, we are going to be treated to an exciting programme of concurrent and plenary sessions to take place from Saturday lunch time until Sunday afternoon. 

Plenaries will be presented by Dr Nico Sifakis (representing TESOL MTH), Tyna Constantopoulou (Representing TESOL Greece) and Dr Thomai Alexiou (Representing ETAL).  

Would you like to join us and be one of the speakers? The call for papers is open aqnd the link is here 
Link to the Call for papers


TESOL MTH members will be travelling by train from Thessaloniki to Larisa (taking the proastiakos). The cost of the stay will be announced later. The conference is free of charge for existing TESOL MTH members.