Friday, December 29, 2017

TESOL Mth Vasilopita Event

Take your digital life back:
How to better allocate your time and attention while focusing on meaningful work

Technology has caused radical changes in the way we work and live. The mobile devices we carry keep us connected with the worldand enable us to have all of humanity’s knowledge at our fingertips. How is this huge behavioural shift affecting our ability to think? How can we focus on meaningful work? Can we take our digital life back?

About Dimitris: Learning Technologist at Anatolia College


Exhibition Space Form can be found here:

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Monday, December 11, 2017

TESOL MTh Christmas Event

Title of Session: 
Storytelling with Margarita – a Holistic Experience
Speaker: Margarita Kosior

About the session: The power of storytelling lies in it holistic nature. A successfully implemented session extends beyond vocabulary and grammar. It develops learners at various levels: physical, creative, mental, engages them emotionally and personally, and teaches them values. There are no tests, therefore no winners and losers; everybody takes something away.

About Margarita: Educator, teacher trainer, conference presenter, materials author, storyteller.Hobbyist photographer and dancer.

Title of session: Mrs Santa’s Workshop
Speaker: Despina Karamitsou

About the session: Join Mrs Santa and the Elves in a Christmas Workshop and learn their crafty secrets! Bring your scissors and your glue, don’t forget your pencil, too. Try hard and do your best. Mrs Santa will do the rest. Experience the artful teaching approach and go home with your own creations! 

About Despina: Teacher of English at 1st Junior Highschool of Ano Toumpa.