Saturday, December 17, 2022

Asynchronous Christmas Event TESOL MTH/NG 2022


Asynchronous Xmas Event. 


 This year TESOL MTH/NG breaks ground with an Asynchronous Xmas Event. The links have been sent to  members and they feature activities presented by four of the members of the Executive Board of our Teachers' Association. 

The sessions presented are entitled as follows 

''Christmas National and International'' Presented by Maria-Araxi Sachpazian 

''The upside-down Advent Calendar''   Presented by Antigoni Melidonioti

                         ''It's the Xmas Countdown'' Presented by Tanya Livarda

                         ''Hotseating Santa Claus and Santa Escape Room'' 

                                              Presented by Maria Polychrou 

We hope you find these activities useful and applicable for your last week of teaching. Warm wishes to you and yours for a restful festive season and an amazing 2023.