Sunday, November 13, 2022

10X10 EFL TALKS TESOL MACEDONIA-THRACE., NG on Sunday 27/11/2022 on Zoom


TESOL MTH/NG to hold 10X10 EFL TALKS on Sunday 27th November 2022 at 16:00 (Greek time)

Thanks to our trusted friend Rob Howard, 10X10 EFL TALKS has become a yearly tradition of TESOL MTH/ NG. But what is 10X10 EFL TALKS? 


10 speakers will present sessions of 10 slides in 10 minutes. This means that in 120 minutes we will get to hear presentations by a group of 10 experienced presenters. The topic for this year is ''Fostering autonomy'' and soon we will be able to share the speakers' names and titles. 

The session will be held on ZOOM and it will be open to member of TESOL Greece and ETAL as well. 

To see the format of this presentation, we are sharing a presentation by Dr. Anne-Margaret Smith on Dyslexia done in a past 10X10 EFL Talks. More information can be found on

We are looking forward to seeing you all! 


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