Monday, December 19, 2016

A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Christmas Magic through e-Twinning with Katerina Kyriakidou

Feel the magic of the Christmas spirit through e-Twinning! A wonderful idea that will surely  motivate  your  students  to  use  their  English,  do  research  without  nagging, explore  their  artistic  talents  and  create  friendships with  total  strangers...that  may  last forever!   Students  learn  through  collaboration  about  the  customs  and  traditions  that different European countries  have and engage  in  wonderful Christmas activities such as  preparing  homemade  cards  &  e-cards  with  Christmas  wishes,  singing  beautiful traditional  Christmas  carols  and  taking  photos  of  Christmas  decorations,  special events and happenings in their hometown so that all countries involved in the project have a glimpse of how Europe celebrates this festive season of the year!

Presentation slides:

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