Monday, December 19, 2016

A Jamboree of Christmas Activities - Santa Claus "Ho Ho Ho" quiz with Lana Lemeshko

First I'd like to mention that the idea is not mine, I've taken it from one of the members ofESL Printables, I've adjusted it to the level and needs of my students (Pro[ciency level,getting ready for taking ECPE test). Students are divided into two teams and each teamis given 10 cards with prompts - word description. All the deciphered words have "ho" inthem. Like this we revise some of the vocabulary that students have been taught(HOspitable, HOstile, HOof, HOarse, HOver, HOmicide, HOrn, sHOwy, HOmesick,sHortcoming). Both teams look at the cards and have to come up with the correct word.Whichever team got all the words correct frst wins.

Ho Ho Ho - Santa Claus is here to help us revise vocabulary.

Presentatio Slides:

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