Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Back Event 2015

"Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties in the 21st century English class"

Meet our presenter

Panayiotis Constantinides


Panayiotis Constantinides is an English teacher, certified oral examiner and licensed dyslexia evaluator. He holds a Certificate in English Methodology from the British Council, a Diploma in IT from the Open University, U.K. and a Postgraduate Diploma in Inclusive Education, Research, Policy and Practice, University of Glasgow. He has been teaching English for 20 years and assesses students with LD since 2012. He has been a member of the IT team at the University of the Aegean, department of Product and System Design since 2000 and an oral examiner of levels B2-C2 since 2005. You can contact him at pkon@aegean.gr 


A professional presentation on the signs of Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties in the English class of the 21st century. What teachers and parents should be looking for? How are Dyslexia and LD assessed? What do EL Testing bodies accept and what are the main points of the legal framework in Greece? Dos and don'ts English teachers should follow, so as to create a "class for everyone".

The Welcome Back Event programme:

10am-11am - first part of the talk
11am-12 - AGM/coffee break
12-1pm - second part of the talk

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