Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Fun Christmas Creative Activity

A fun Christmas Creative activity for you and/or your students with a 100 pound prize!
Deadline extended to 14 December.

Creative Drawing/Writing Exercise
suggested by
Rakesh Bhanot

​With this Haiku card of mine, the artist Magdolna Terray went from my words and drew a picture:

​You are all invited to do the opposite - to DITOW: do it the other way!

1. Draw a picture/doodle to depict or represent yourself (nonverbal)

2. Write something based on your drawing (verbal). Max. 17 syllables!

3. Share your creative efforts by 10 December by sending an email to:

A prize of one hundred pounds will be awarded to the best entry judged by:

Alan Maley
Malu Sciamarelli
Magdolna Terray
Rakesh Bhanot

(The judges reserve the right to withhold the awarding of the prize if the entries are not deemed to be 'creative'.)


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