Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pie Cutting Event - Talking about Teaching and Technology

Dimitris Primalis gave an interesting presentation during the Tesol Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece Pie Cutting Event that took place on 24th January, at City College, with the title “When Teaching met Technology”.

Photo: Maria Araxi Sachpazian

Immediately, attendees were immersed into the use of technology as by answering the question which he posed to the attendees - what do teachers actually do with technology?- we were invited to add our own ideas to an already wealth of ideas that were posted on his linoit page.  By using our own devices – phones and tablets - we could post quickly how and why we use different technologies in the classroom and thus Mr.Primalis gave us hands on experience with this easy to use web tool.

Moving on, our speaker presented how he uses technology in his own classroom and showed us his students’ work through animated films (Dvolver), reimagining famous paintings, and voice recordings with the puppet pals  app. With this, he also explained how we should be choosing web tools or applications since there are so many out there. The key points were security, accessibility, compatibility, user friendly and being age appropriate amongst others. Nonetheless, Mr. Primalis stressed the point that the final decision is that of the teacher’s as no other knows the class and its needs as much as them. 

Photo: Theodora Papapanagiotou

Closing up, our speaker gave us some handy tips when using web tools in the classroom. 

  • Plan carefully - web tools and apps don’t need to cover a whole lesson but can take only 10 minutes
  • Test the app.  before you go into the classroom. 
  • Appoint an assistant so you can focus on your class
  • Have a plan B
  • Don’t try to use more than two to three apps or web tools per year
  • Be flexible and receive feedback
  • Technology is only the vehicle to reach the destination
Overall, it was an engaging workshop with lots of useful tips for all educators.

By Natasha Loukeri

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