Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to the SEETA WORLD: 10 Teachers’ Associations - One on-line Community - Anna Parisi, Nora Touparlaki and Rea Tsougari's Session

We had the rare opportunity and pleasure to hear and learn personally from the founders of SEETA the history behind this on-line community of TAs, the current affairs, and future perspectives of the South Eastern Europe Teachers’ Association. 

Anna opened the presentation by giving some facts about how it all started and how this virtual platform has grown to become an important community with about 5,600 members. SEETA was set up in 2007 by TESOL MTh and went live in 2008 in Belgrade. Anna guided the audience through the Internet site (real-time log in for attendants) and showed the opportunities members have in relation to blogs, presentations, and webinars.

                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Efi Tzouri

Rea demonstrated live a film and webinar which are available on the platform for users and members that give great help, advise, and inspiration for issues concerning teaching English as a foreign language. We even had the pleasure of a live skype meeting with one of the members, G. Georgieva, from BETA Bulgaria, who talked about the benefits of this Association. As an example she named the on-line closed courses which can last from 1 week up to 2 months and come with a certificate. Furthermore, one can find very specific tips, like teaching young learners, on the SEETA platform.

                                                                                                                              Photo by Efi Tzouri

When Nora took over the presentation, she gave us an insight on the various blogs on the SEETA site, including lesson plans, teaching tips, exchange of ideas, as well as inspiring and motivating topics. She urged all of us to join as active members this fantastic opportunity of professional blogging. 

The presentation closed with Anna giving more details on a current research project which will be published in an e-book and made available to the community.

Report by Kyriaki Koukouraki

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