Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10x10 TESOL MTh EFLtalks

                                         Speakers of EFLtalks event

Keynote speaker: Marisa Constantinides

Title: Homework with a Voice
This short EFL Talk will highlight my top online tools and applications which allow learners to submit speaking homework for out-of-class opportunities to consolidate language covered inclass, to develop their speaking, their presentation skills and to find their own 'voice' as users of a new communication code.

About Marisa: CELT Athens Director, Teacher Educator,  Blogger, Conference  presenter,  IATEFL LT SIGCommittee Member, CELTA & DCELT Athens Director, Teacher Educator,  Blogger, Conferencepresenter,  IATEFL LT SIG Committee Member, CELTA & Delta Tutor.

Speaker: Rob Howard

Title: Helping Adult Learners find and use their voice

About Rob: Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center, partner at Business Language Training Institute and founder of EFLtalks. He is a speaker worldwide on Teacher Development, Continuing Professional Development, Online Business Retention and Image Presentation. He is President of the BRAZ-TESOL BESIG, a member of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team, Online Coordinator and Video Interviewer for the Visual Arts Circle as well as co-founder with Dorothy Zemach of the Independent Authors and Publishers Group. He has authored and coauthored several books for EFL. He was nominated for the 2016 British Council's ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Development.

Speaker: Angelos Bollas

Title: What is next? Training and development opportunities for Greek colleagues.
The purpose of this presentation is to provide colleagues with information about their teacher training and development options they have while staying in Greece. The presentation will survey face-to-face and online options and it will end with some world wide career opportunities that are available to trained and well qualified teachers.

About Angelos: ELT professional mainly working as a CELTA tutor.

Speaker: Dimitris Tzouris

Title: Unleash the power of podcasts in education.
Podcasts are gaining popularity, as listening to the radio has become more personal, mobileand on-demand. While listening to podcasts can help educators and students learn a lot ofthings about a wide variety of topics and experience great examples of storytelling, creating podcasts has the power to become a truly transformative learning experience that helps students find and broadcast their voice.

About Dimitris: Learning technologist at Anatolia College.

Speaker: Efi Tzouri
Title: Building Social Equaliy through Linguistic Landscape.
This talk aims to look at examples of urban linguistic landscape, to record how language on signs is used and to explore ways of how these instances could be integrated in classroom material. Also, it will focus on how language can shape teaching practices not only to benefit learning process but also to raise awareness on linguistic justice and social equality in a multilingual class.

About Efi: Studied English Language and Literature in Greece. Specialised in Theatre education and production and teaches English for over 16 years. Board member of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Association. Theatre and film lover. TEDx goer.

Speaker: Eftychis Kantarakis
Title: Is ELT just a game then? Where did Pokemon Go?
Gamification seems to be the next buzz word in ELT. Based on the assumption that childrenlove e-games, teachers have for years tried to exploit this "love" to teach English. Let's try and see how much of this is possible and whether we can trust games to do the work of planting knowledge in the minds of young learners.More importantly, let's try and answer the big question: "Where did Pokemon Go?"

About Eftychis: Teacher Trainer, RSA Dip, TESOL Greece L/T SIG Joint coordinator. Life-long learner.

Speaker: Margarita Kosior

Title: Service learning: from the English language classroom to the community.
Education involves shaping attitudes, values and beliefs. Let’s take it as a given. There is still along way though from raising awareness and informing our students about issues of vitalimportance to urging them to take action. By making students active contributors to their communities, service learning puts the power to change into the hands of your students and makes project based learning more meaningful, more authentic and more impactful than ever before.The purpose of the session is to define service learning, present its benefits andrecommend specific examples how it can be done.

About Margarita: Educator, teacher trainer, conference presenter, materials writer, storyteller. Amateur photographer and dancer.

Speaker: Maria Theologidou
Title: Paving the way to self-reflection and mindfulness
Most of our teaching focuses on strengthening those skills required for our students'academic success. Therefore, less emphasis is given on skills such as self-reflection andmindfulness which are essential to our students' well-being and the learning process. Thissession will offer practical activities on how we can build our students' self-reflection skills and at the same time enable them to appreciate the significance of balance and resilience in the learning journey.
About Maria: EFL teacher, translator and subtitler, avid blogger.

Speaker: Maria-Araxi Sachpazian
Title: Helping teachers find their voice
Teachers need to be dynamic and well-rounded professionals in order to inspire others. We all know that ‘’voiceless’’ and ‘’colourless’’ professionals cannot inspire anyone. This session aims to look at what makes teachers become such professionals and how teachers’ associations can help teachers find their own voice in order to stand confidently in class. We will examine the issue of confidence in career choices, class management and teaching styles. We will also discuss what teachers can do to help promote TAs.

About Maria:Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Academic Manager and Consultant. Chairperson of TESOL MTH.

Speaker:Theodora Papapanagiotou

Title: What students want
How do students see their teachers? What do they expect from a good teacher? What are their experiences? What do they like? How can they learn better? My students and I have talked and would like to share our thoughts with you.

About Theodora: I am a freelance EFL / DaF teacher, translator, public speaker and learner.

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