Saturday, September 14, 2019

Welcome Back Day Conference - An interview with Jeanne Perrett

Our Welcome Back event is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to start the new academic year with three inspirational speakers who will take us on a magical journey in the world of storytelling. 

Jeanne Perrett has been working in the language teaching sector for over thirty-five years as a teacher, school owner, publisher and writer and is the author of many acclaimed pre-primary and primary EFL series. She has trained teachers all over the world and frequently presented at professional conferences. Jeanne graduated from Sussex University with an honours degree in English Literature and, after gaining a TEFL qualification from International House, has lived in Greece since 1981. Apart from her professional experience, she draws a lot on the practical knowledge she has gained as the mother of four children and now as the grandmother of five. 

  • What do you hope participants will gain from your session?

Well, as always, it’s a two-way thing and I am looking forward to an exchange of energy, ideas and inspiration.

  • How has storytelling changed or influenced your approach to teaching?
Visualizing and then, let’s say, dramatizing language has always made sense to me. Sometimes this involves putting the language into what we traditionally think of as stories, sometimes it means creating our own stories of everyday life.

  • How do you feel about the role of technology in storytelling? 
Social media asks us to add to our own stories every time we log on. So, technology can involve us in creating, telling and following stories. Technology can enhance, entertain and inspire. But so can plain text and the human voice. Both the spoken word and our inner voices are evocative. 

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