Monday, February 17, 2020

27th Tesol Macedonia Thrace Annual International Conference - An interview with Dr. Christine Niakaris

Our Annual International Conference is only a few days away and we feel deeply honoured and grateful to be welcoming plenary speakers whose insights and ideas are sure to inspire all of us attending this year's Convention.

Our first plenary speaker is Dr Christine Niakaris, Director of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Applied Linguistics TESOL, Hellenic American University, Athens.Dr. Christine Irvine-Niakaris has more than thirty years’ experience in teaching and teacher training in Greece, the UK, Middle East and the United States. She has also written several EFL textbooks and given presentations regularly at international conferences. She is currently Director of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Applied Linguistics TESOL at the Hellenic American University, in Athens Greece.

Dr Niakaris' plenary session entitled " Reimagining Language Classrooms as Research" will focus on
teachers’ connection to research through reimagining language classrooms as research on a daily basis, while applying and evaluating new approaches to meet the needs of their students. It aims to raise teachers’ awareness of the innate teacher qualities they already possess,  but at the same time suggests a need to understand teaching as an evidence-based profession which can  be fulfilled through continuous professional development in both practical and academic settings.

1.    What do you hope participants will gain from your plenary talks and follow-up sessions?

I hope it will help teachers feel proud of their profession and see themselves as agents of change in ELT.

2.    The title of our Conference is "ELT-Reimagined". What are the changes that you feel will shape the future of ELT?

Teachers and students will become more exploratory about the learning process and achieve a greater awareness of the use of English in a global context.

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