Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet our Plenary Speakers

Vicky Loras


She has been teaching English as a Foreign Language and Literature to students of all ages, for a total of almost seventeen years. She now lives in Switzerland and she is the co-founder and owner of The Loras English Network, a school she opened with her sister Eugenia. They teach English, train teachers and also hold children’s educational events.

Plenary Presentation
The Human Touch

There are various types of classrooms all over the world – their variety lies not only in the environment, but the classes, the educators and students. We know this either from seeing them, or hearing and reading about them.
Some have state-of-the-art equipment and everything an educator and students would dream of. Several have a few things that could assist the class in their learning, colourful walls and children’s work displayed on them. Some, however, have nothing at all, apart from dirt floors and bare walls.
Why does this occur? How does this affect learning, if it does at all? What is the most important entity in the classroom?
Join me in a journey around the world, where we will be on a quest to search for where the importance lies.

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