Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tune into FCE Use of English by Lana Lemeshko - Report

Tackling the task of FCE Use of English can be a challenge for both teachers and students due to a number of reasons. On the one hand, bored teenagers – as the majority of Greek learners of English language are – struggling to memorize phrasal verbs, collocations and grammar rules and derivatives pertinent to all parts of the FCE Use of English. Teachers on the other hand, have been laboring for it, trying to make this process more interesting.

Ms Lemeshko’s   interesting approach to the FCE Use of English was to incorporate songs into teaching/learning. She handed out 4 songs of different genres adapted to each of the four parts of the exam. The class has to come up with the right answer first and then listen to the songs to check the answer. No matter what the score is, everyone gets to be rewarded with a song. So, tuning into FCE use of English will keep students more alert and happy and motivated. From the latest house music hits and rap to classic rock and disco, the sky is the limit, we are bound to find adaptable lyrics. Ms Lemeshko pointed that many of her students started bringing in their own favourite songs, thus initiating a musical exchange. Additional exercises can be built around each song/part.

Ms Lemeshko’s entertaining and informative presentation  finished with her supplying us with some more hand outs with lesson plans for a whole week!

So be aware of the latest (but not only) hits, use the lyrics and tune into grammar.

By Fani Dafnopatidou

Interviewed by our Roving Reporter: Theodora Papapanagiotou

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