Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet our Plenary Speakers - Marjorie Rosenberg


Marjorie Rosenberg teaches general and business English at the University of Graz. She has published widely in the business English field and has authored two of the workbooks for the Cambridge University Press flagship series, Business Advantage. Marjorie has also written two books with photocopiable materials for business English instruction and wrote activities and ‘jargon busters’ for Professional English Online, the CUP website for a number of years. Her methodology book, ‘Spotlight on Learning Styles’ was published in 2013 by Delta Publishing. After serving as the Coordinator of the IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group (BESIG) and being on the IATEFL Membership Committee, she is currently the IATEFL Acting Vice President and Chair of Publications Committee and will be taking on the Presidency at the Annual IATEFL Conference in April, 2015.
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Marjorie is coming to our conference with the help of sponsorship from Delta Publishing.

Plenary: Getting unstuck - stretching out of our comfort zones

As our daily teaching schedule and all that involves takes up so much of our time and energy, we don’t often have the chance to thing about ‘what else’ we could be doing. We tend to stick to certain routines and sometimes don’t take advantage of possibilities to stretch ourselves or take on challenges in other areas. This talk will explore the implications of this regarding our teaching styles, methods we are accustomed to using, the types of classes we usually teach, the technology we are comfortable with and a variety of choices available to us as ELT professionals outside the classroom. Some of the reasons we keep doing what we have always done will be discussed providing a basis for us to work together and come up with ways for us to ‘get unstuck’.

Workshop 1: Spotlight on Learning Styles

Have you ever wondered what makes your students tick? Part of the secret may well be their individual learning styles. This interactive workshop will give you the chance to try out a variety of language activities from Spotlight on Learning Styles (Delta Publishing) designed for different learner types as well as discuss their adaptation to individual teaching situations.

Workshop 2: Getting Business English Learners to Speak

Most business people would agree that communication is essential in today’s business world. Therefore speaking skills are often at the top of the list for business English learners. In this interactive workshop we will explore ways to build self-confidence in learners by helping them to express themselves and get their message across.

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  1. Very much looking forward to this event and getting to see friends and colleagues and meet so many I feel I already know!