Saturday, May 16, 2015

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? by Christina Siskou, Alexandra Philippidou & Popi Gerontidou - Report

"Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?" was the title of the project based on Charles Dickens’s wonderful book by three equally talented teachers: Alexandra Philippidou, Poppy Gerontidou and Christina Siskou. A project filled with interesting activities and fun tasks for young learners studying this book.

The project started by introducing learners to the idea of Victorian times. What does a Victorian house look like? What is a workhouse? What jobs did young boys do? And not in the usual “sit and listen to the teacher talking” way but in an active, fun and all inclusive one.  The introduction of new language as well as the revision had the attendees rushing around trying to find the right answers on each other’s backs, writing poems and chanting in unison. And who is going to help poor Oliver decide whether he should stay or go?  Why not act his thoughts and help him out.

Generally, the  45 minutes allowed  is definitely not enough for a  presentation like this and Alexandra, Christina and Poppy had to choose which activities to show us in order to give an idea of how they presented this book in the classroom. But one thing is sure: their students will never forget Oliver Twist and their three wonderful English teachers.

By Natasha Loukeri

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