Saturday, January 27, 2018

Meet Our Plenary Speakers - Luke Prodromou

Plenary talk
Good teachers: What are they like? What do they do?

We begin our journey and  the process of reflection on the roots of good language teaching by going back to our first moments as learners in a formal educational situation: primary school. I recall my first unforgettable good teacher, the story-telling Miss Cooper, who came into class armed with enthusiasm, encouragement and a ...parrot. At primary school, I was also exposed, first-hand, for the first-time, to the challenge of using the human voice to make language comprehensible and engaging  through the amateur theatrical activities which became a life-long passion.  

Our journey then takes us to secondary education and my first good language - and literature - teacher. I then describe what I learnt from being observed as a trainee and observing and giving feedback to colleagues: what do the prescriptions of formal teacher qualifications require of the good teacher? I reflect on my own informal research into the good teacher and compare my own results with those of formal research. What do teachers and students say about the good teacher? 

We highlight the insights we gain into good teaching by becoming learners again. Next, we reach out to the arts of music, painting, dancing and creative practice of all kinds to throw light on the secret of good teaching. Finally, we consider how the digital revolution has changed what is expected of the good  teacher. 

Based on the journey we have shared, and looking to the future, we sum up the salient practical features of continued teacher development.  

Follow-up session:
A performance by the English Language of:  Ladies in Love and Marriage: from Jane Austen to Oscar Wilde

The English language theatre, Luke and Friends, present their show: Ladies in Love and Marriage.
Five sketches inspired by the work of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, on the theme of women in love and the delights and disappointments of marriage. A celebration of language, literature and education.

Luke Prodromou graduated from Bristol University and has an MA in Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham University) a Diploma in Teaching English (Leeds University) and a Ph.D (Nottingham University). . Luke is a founder member of Disabled Access FriendlyCampaignfor which he wrote - and performed, with D. Gibson - the ‘Wheelchair Sketch’; he now performs with the English Language Theatre..

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