Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spotlight on Learning Styles (Workshop) by Marjorie Rosenberg – Report

Marjorie Rosenberg has started her talk, mentioning that all people learn differently. There is a variety of learners in every classroom, so teachers have to keep this in mind. Unfortunately this does not happen regularly, since teachers tend to teach the way they learn and they may not be reaching all types. Using a mix of methods definitely can reach more learners and achieve better results in the classroom, it can help learners stretch out of their preferred styles and learners can be encouraged to develop successful strategies. In this way the teacher can harmonize with and then challenge students.

Marjorie went on to explain how each type learns, for example, sensory perception consists of visual, auditory, kinaesthetic motoric and kinaesthetic emotional learners whereas cognitive learners are divided into global and analytic learners. People are aware of and store information according to their senses perception whereas global learners tend to think out of the box, while analytic learners want the facts. She pointed out that when we get stressed, we may rely mostly on our most comfortable preference so teaching learners to stretch out of their styles is important in order to provide them with more strategies to learn. 

In the second part of her talk she showed us more examples of learner types, e.g. the systematic and non-systematic learner, the organised power planner, the inspiring radical reformer, the sociable flexible friend and the factual expert investigator who always asks why. 

In the final part of the workshop she gave us examples of interesting and challenging activities that we can use with our students depending on their learning styles.

Some of them were:

· What have I changed?

· What would you do if …?

· Can you describe the drawing?

· The yes-no hot seat

· The envelope game

· Can you sell it?

· Personal mind maps

All in all it was a very interesting and informative talk.

The activities were taken from ‘Spotlight on Learning Styles’, Delta Publishing 2013.

By Theodora Papapanagiotou

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