Sunday, June 8, 2014

“Godot Over the Wall” by Dave ‘n’ Luke - Report

Luke and Dave are well known for their  two-man English Teaching Theater Group “Dave’n’Luke”. They have adopted their own unique style of setting up their performances and they express themselves in their own exceptional way. “Godot over the wall” is their latest work which has been showed in ELT conferences both in Greece and abroad and has received a big success.

The play is based on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and James Saunders’ Over the Wall. The story is set on an island where the characters lead an ordinary life. They work, they have enough to eat, they respect each other and they hope life will go on like that. No surprises, no turbulences, no happiness or unhappiness. The only awkward element is a wall which is built across the island. Although discussions have been raised now and then around the existence of the so-called “The Wall” no one can remember the date it first appeared on the island.

Despite the fact that the storyline follows the basic structure of the “theatre of the absurd” it succeeds in creating developed characters who dare to state their beliefs,to raise philosophical questions and try to explain theories which have never been proved. The wall works like a symbol. It is like a nutshell that keeps people away from the truth. Ignorance becomes characters’ rationality. Through a grotesque and surrealistic point of view characters balance between reality and illusion.They become confused and lost in thoughts. There is this character who wants to see and the other who wants to stay blind. What is going to happen to them? What is behind the wall? Will they ever succeed in getting themselves to the other side?

All these questions lead to an inspired educational process which Luke and David have so succesfully created not only for their students but also for all of us who were lucky to watch their performance.

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By Efi Tzouri

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