Monday, June 16, 2014

Researching the Promotion of Strategic Learning in the EFL Classroom by Athina Vrettou and Angeliki Psaltou-Joycey - Report

Nowadays teachers are dealing with the challenge of “learning how to learn” and research is focused on redefining L2 strategies. The aim is to design an effective strategy instruction which will contribute to the maximization of students’ L2 performance. Athina Vrettou and Angeliki Paltou-Joycey presented the aims of a project named “Thalis” which is supported by European Union and explores the “identification of strategic profiles in primary and secondary level students around Greece as well as the promotion of strategies in EFL classroom.’

“Thalis” project was based on a pilot study which had the form of a questionnaire and lasted two months (November-December 2013). A sample of 58 teachers both of primary and secondary education from all of Greece participated in the study through an electronic method of administration.

One of the most important contributions of the study was that teachers were given the opportunity to regulate the use of L2 strategies in class and the effectiveness of strategy instruction was enhanced by the design of a teachers’ guide.

By Efi Tzouri

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