Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photography and the Classroom by Nathan Pratt and Emanuel Kontovas - Report

Nathan Pratt and Emanuel Kontovas gave an interesting and informative presentation on the uses of photography in the EFL classroom during the 21st Annual International Convention at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT).

From activities such as ‘what can you see in the photo?’ which can be used at all levels to develop vocabulary, to ‘find the story behind’ the photo which plugs into students’ imagination and creativity and ‘write the caption’ for a photo of people as well as animals, both presenters delved into the world of photography.

Moving on, they gave us ideas on how students themselves can become journalists with the use of their cameras on their mobiles. Let students take a photo of something they find interesting on their way home or to school and write a blog. This simple and yet interesting activity not only taps into the learners’ own interests and gives them the opportunity to share information and knowledge, but also becomes an electronic record of advancement.

Finally, Nathan and Emanuel gave us tips on finding photos. Photographs taken from sites such as Google images might be easy for us, but when using them on a blog or site, the issue becomes one of major importance. Always ask for permission before using a photo or use a royalty free site. Lastly, why not involve the students in finding or taking the photo themselves? They are always happy to do so, and this has the additional advantage of getting them involved in the lesson. 

Royalty free sites:

By Anastasia Loukeri

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