Monday, February 6, 2017

Meet Our Speakers - Yiouly Vezergiannidou

Saturday 11th February 2017
Title: Get Parents Involved

Being a teacher is definitely demanding... 
Dealing with students' parents is perhaps the most daunting, unpredictable and challenging part of this multi-task occupation. Having run a school for 27 years, not only have we tried to keep parents well-informed but get them involved as well since their support seems to have a high impact on the success of our educational services. Most of our attempts paid off while few proved to be rather ineffective ...
Within 30 min. we will try together to trace the treacherous path towards parents' positive engagement and contribution to our students performance in a WORLD OF CHANGE.

Yiouly Vezergiannidou is an EFL Teacher and Foreign Language School owner.

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