Sunday, February 18, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Alexandra Valtzidou & Eirini Triantafyllidou

Speaker: Alexandra Valtzidou
Title: English Language Learners with Learning Differences: Who are they?
ELLs with learning difficulties (LD) represent an large part of the school population. Yet statistically they are often under-identified as sometimes the  characteristics of typical ELLs look similar to the learning differences experienced by students with LD. The current presentation will focus on how ELL students with LD differ from typically developing ELLs in several areas of language development and skills.

About Alexandra: BA Psy., BA. S. Ed, MSc L.D./ Learning Specialist/ Thessaloniki/ Greece

Speaker: Eirini Triantafyllidou
Title: My experience in UK-Based Summer Schools - Teaching multicultural classes, mixed ability classes
Many of the strategies , methods used in Summer Schools  might help teachers to get all students, active or reflective learners  to get involved to the whole procedure, create conditions that enable learners of various learning preferences and personalities to contribute and learn.

About Eirini: Business, General English Teacher, Senior Teacher/ Programme Manager Uk Summer Schools

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