Thursday, February 8, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Jeanie Iskos & Paschalia Patramani

Speaker: Jeanie Iskos
Title: Injecting Values in the Education of English Learners of Young Learners
English Curriculum especially at young levels needs to provide students not just verbal communication skills, but social and classroom skills.  Injecting lesson plans promoting values can benefit the classroom and the teacher in many ways such as classroom management and life-long interpersonal skills. This presentation will discuss what and how these values 

About Jeanie: B.A, B.S, M.Ed, Anatolia Elementary Teacher

Speaker: Paschalia Patramani
Title: Bringing out the best in students through engaging
learning experiences
How can teachers engage students and help them discover new interests while learning the English language? This presentation will demonstrate various activities in which teachers can cultivate a love for learning and an appreciation of English. The attendees will participate in some activities and see how they can bring out the best in their students.

About Paschalia: BSc Villanova University, USA/ EFL Teacher/ Serres/ Greece

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