Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Despina Karamitsou & Effrosyni Bisiri

Speaker: Despina Karamitsou
Title: Classroom Crimes ans Court Cases
You are invited to taste a ''mysterious'' recipe for success, with lots of practical ideas that will enchant and transform the most reluctant, bored, indifferent student into someone who will be highly interested and actively participate in the lesson in order to  examine the evidence, find the culprit and distribute justice (suitable for students over 11years old).

About Despina: MA in English Language, Literature & Culture/ Thessaloniki/Greece

Speaker: Effrosyni Bisiri
Title: Designing a story-based syllabus
When designing a syllabus based upon a specific framework for young learners, teachers have to be aware of how the various tasks and activities will contribute to the child development and language learning creating a pleasant and motivating learning environment. For this reason, stories allow the learners to be active participants in the learning process and encourage them to be autonomous.

About Effrosyni: BA TEFL, M.ed. TEFL, Kozani, Greece

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