Thursday, February 8, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Margarita Kosior & Eftichis Kantarakis

Speaker: Margarita Kosior
Title: Difficult Topics Made Easier with Film
Film is a unique tool which allows students to make connections between their personal lives and the people and events on the screen, and to develop high levels of empathy. Therefore, approaching global issues through feature film, documentaries, or short inspirational videos, is an effective strategy. Thanks to its audiovisual nature and authentic appeal, film brings real life into the classroom providing a context in which the language is learnt, the students are motivated and the difficult issues are discussed with more confidence and ease.

About Margarita: Educator, teacher trainer, conference presenter, materials author, storyteller.Hobbyist photographer and dancer.

Speaker: Eftichis Kantarakis
Title: Is the future of Education in Gamification? Where did "Pokemon Go"?
Gamification seems to be the next buzz word in ELT. Based on the assumption that children love e-games, teachers have for years tried to exploit this "love" to teach English. Let's try and see how much of this is possible and whether we can trust games to do the work of planting knowledge in the minds of young learners.

About Eftichis: RSA Dip, / Teacher Trainer / Athens / Greece

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