Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Helen Dalakas & Asimenia Featham

Speakers: Helena Dalakas
Title: Promoting creativity in the classroom
I will start by telling audience members a little bit about who I am.  Then proceed in explaining where and how I implemented this lesson including expectations (rubric).   
As a hands-on activity, I will break the audience in small groups and allow them to create their own enviro-bag.  Once finished, each group will spend a few minutes to present their product.

About Helena: BA(Honors), MEd, ESL specialist, Teacher, Thessaloniki, Greece

Speaker: Asimenia Featham
Title: Mind against Mind - Debates: The Ultimate Challenge for FL Learners (A guide for school debates)
Debates are without doubt an important educational tool and an effective teaching strategy with multiple benefits for language learners. This presentation will explore the potential benefits of the art of debating and will provide a step-by-step guide to demonstrate to teachers how to conduct their own debates in the FL classroom.

About Asimenia: MIL, Dip. Trans., MSc in TE Aston University UK. School owner, DoS, teacher trainer, QLS Chair.

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