Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Zoi Tsiviltidou & Andrew Wilcox

Speaker: Zoi Tsiviltidou 
Title: Building literacy with synthetic phonics using online tools for class practice
We will present you ways of using online tools for teaching phonics and building your students’ reading skills without compromising fun. Advanced digital learning technologies have bridged digital media literacy to English literacy for better task performance rates. We will use illustrative examples of how online tools can be used to support your teaching of synthetic phonics.

About Zoi: Certified EFL teacher and award-winner PhD Candidate working in Greece and the UK. 

Speaker: Andrew Wilcox
Title: Keeping out of touch: critical thinking and digital information 
“New” does not necessarily mean “useful” or “appropriate.” Innovation is not synonymous with progress. Sometimes they coincide, as with anaesthetics or antiseptis. Sometimes they do not, as with chlouroflourocarbons. The speaker contends that we need to take a hard critical look at the technologies that have emerged in recent decades.

About Andrew: Freelance teacher and proofreader. Decades of experience, MA, BA, PGCE. Former board member and chair of Tesol Mth

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