Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Christina Chorianopoulou & Cory Koby

Speaker: Christina Chorianopoulou
Title: Learner Voices: The Ears Peeled Project 
How do I sound in English? And does it matter? The Ears Peeled Project has some answers; it was co-designed with learner groups and has assisted them in overcoming fears and improving skills, while helping them find their own voice. The workshop will take participants through the collaborative design process, its multi-level tasks and the (often unexpected) outcomes. 

About Christina: Christina is an English language educator, a blogger & Editor for TESOLGreece, email: kryftina@gmail.com, Social Media: @kryftina

Speaker: Cory Koby
Title: Proven Results of an Ambitious Extensive Reading Programme
Over a two-year period, all first and second-year students in our English department are involved in a dedicated extensive reading (ER) program in which they are required to read a minimum of 540,000 words to earn a passing grade. The presenter will demonstrate the specific methods and approaches employed to motivate learners to achieve highly successful outcomes. Benefits of an ER-specific LMS called XReading will be demonstrated, including student reading verification and convenient data collection.
About Cory: MA ELT/ Assistant Professor/ Miyagi Gakuin University, Sendai, Japan 

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