Thursday, February 15, 2018

Meet our Speakers - Effie Kyrikakis & Despina Kalaitzidou

Speaker: Effie Kyrikakis
Title: Global Projects – Shaping a Connected World

Hear your heart beat fast. See the eyes of your students sparkle with anticipation! Feel the rush of excitement as you prepare to delight!  Why will a Global Project benefit your class? How can it be implemented into the curriculum? What projects can you participate in?

This interactive professional talk promises to be a discovery journey of sorts! Be there!

About Effie: Global Educator/ Change Agent/ Winners Education International Program Facilitator

Speaker: Despina Kalaitzidou
Title: Using Drama in TEFL: Human Rights Activities
Drama is one of the most creative and effective strategies in language learning, especially when context is provided. This workshop will be focused on Human Rights Education and will provide the students with the opportunity to practice their speaking skills, along with their creativity and imagination. The learning objectives are: to practice speaking skills, to develop awareness of human rights, to develop team building skills, to develop sensory-motor skills and coordination,to develop their imagination and creativity.

About Despina: BA English/ MA Literature / MEd Drama in Education / Teacher / Drama Facilitator /Thessaloniki

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