Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Vasiliki Lismani & Angeliki Voreopoulou

Speaker: Vasiliki Lismani
Title: Reflection: A Noble Way to Develop our Teaching-selves

Although teachers consider their students’ assessment an integral part of the teaching – learning procedure, are they willing to keep records of their professional development and comment on their own practice? Through this presentation the notion of self - reflective teaching will be emerged as a highly recommended attitude which enables teachers to develop a critical eye about themselves.

About Vasiliki: BA in Education; MA in Special Education; CELTA / Teacher / Piraeus / Greece

Speaker: Angeliki Voreopoulou
Title: Turn your EFL classroom into an Escape Room!
Escape rooms have been around for ages, but recently they have jumped into classrooms. Teachers can use the thrill and excitement of an escape room in order to engage students in language learning, collaborative work while increasing their motivation to learn. This presentation focuses on the tips and ideas on how to turn your classroom into a unique escape room. 

About Angeliki: BA English Literature, MEd TEFL, Teacher/Thessloniki/Greece

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